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Why H. Daniels Duncan Consulting?

Since the mid 90's Dan has been helping communities, funders, nonprofits and governmental entities, both nationally and internationally, create greater community change through the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). As a faculty member of John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann's Asset Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University, Dan has worked to help neighborhood residents use what they have to become producers of their own and their community's well-being. He has also been instrumental in helping funders, government entities and nonprofits achieve greater results and more effectively support resident engagement.

Dan's consulting, in addition to his relationship with the Asset Based Community Development Institute, is based on his long history as a neighborhood organizer, nonprofit agency and United Way CEO, and university adjunct faculty member.

Dan's work has been uniquely dedicated to helping funders and agencies successfully recognize and unlock the assets and gifts of neighborhoods and their residents.

John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann

Founders of the ABCD Institute

I have known Dan for close to 20 years, as a fellow ABCD Institute faculty member. He has the right mix of skills and experiences to effectively tell the ABCD story and put the principles into action to help neighborhoods, agencies and funders focus on their assets to improve their community.

Mike Green - ABCD Faculty

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Dan's ABCD training not only gave me hope that concerned citizens really can effect change but also inspired me to become an agent for facilitating change in my community.

Lori Bable, Neighborhood Engagement Manager, HFHT